Nebula NJ has developed a catalog of standard engineered products to provide "out-of-the-box" solutions

for what would otherwise be a custom design.  By using a standard product, significant savings in both time and money are realized by eliminating the design and development costs of a custom solution.

Like the "Canary in a coal mine", the Nebula CANARI, provides early warning

to an "Out of Range" condition before it becomes critical. The CANARI system

monitors remote critical conditions such as temperature, humidity, tank level,

pressure, flow, and any other digital or analog point.

The CANARI Captures Alarms and Notifies A Responsible Individual by text

message to any cell phone and/or by e-mail to any PC. The CANARI enables

quick response to an "Out of Range" condition anytime, anywhere to anyone.

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The Product Detection Controller (PDC) is designed to detect

a fault due to the absence of a required feature such as a label,

insert, cut-out, glue, printing, cap, etc. When a fault is detected,

a "Machine Stop" signal is activated.  This can be configured to

stop the equipment and/or notify the operator of a fault condition.

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